The 10 best baby bibs of 2021

When you think of bibs you might think of weaning, but if your baby is a dribbler or has reflux then they can be an essential piece of newborn kit too.

Newborns need soft, absorbent materials that won’t irritate them, while weaning, for around six months, is all about stopping mess and stains.

Babies are experts at getting dirt, leaves and grass into their mouths – however much you don’t want them to – and they’re also experts at getting tasty treats all over themselves and the floor.

Here are the best baby bibs for weaning, dribble and beyond.

Top 10 best baby bibs

1. Cheeky Chompers Teething Bib

Cheeky Chompers have the ultimate two-in-one – a bib and a teething toy. The bib is made from 100% Organic Super-Soft Muslin, and the teether is made from FDA food-grade silicone so won’t flake or peel.

It’s also totally BPA- and phthalate-free so it’s very safe. Because it’s attached to the bib, you can say goodbye to picking up dropped teethers from a dirty floor. The adjustable poppers mean it can be used from two months as a dribble bib all the way up into toddlerhood.

The best baby bibs of 2021
The best baby bibs of 2021

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2. Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Milk Feeding Bibs

Catch milky drool and spills with these absorbent feeding bibs that have a soft dribble catcher around the neckline to stop rashes and soreness.

There is a popper catch to hold these reversible bibs in place and a choice of 3 classic colours – cream, pale blue and pale pink – with a contrasting patterned back.

Recommended by Amazon, this bib scored an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars from more than 450 reviews. Parents particularly praised how it prevented dribbles, with one saying that, “for a newborn they can fit well and not have milk dribble down the neck area” and another adding, “they’re super absorbent and, as the neck part has a bump, it stops your babies clothes from being covered in milk.”

Although a couple of reviews mentioned the Velcro fastening could be stronger, buyers did note that the bibs tended to wash well.

The best baby bibs of 2021
The best baby bibs of 2021

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3. BabyBjorn Soft Bib

Make sure more of your baby’s food ends up in their mouth rather than on your floor with these moulded plastic bibs with a wide lip to catch crumbs and spills.

They are BPA-free so safe for your baby to chew and you can simply wipe or rinse clean – or even pop in the dishwasher. Available in a range of 6 cool colours, the necklace-style neckband has a wide adjustment range, so they will grow with your child.

Parents who bought these bibs in the past were impressed with their quality and how easy they were to clean in the dishwasher, although some buyers felt they could be a little too stiff.

“They are solid and well made…the only bibs I’ve tried that wash well in a dish washer without collapsing,” said one Amazon reviewer. “I love how easy to clean and store these are, we have bought a few and they can be stacked inside each other,” added another.

The best baby bibs of 2021
The best baby bibs of 2021
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4. Bibetta ultrabib

This clever bib’s selling point is the amplified pelican pouch that flips up from the bottom, so it catches more than the typical pouch. The Ultrabib is slim and elegant (if a weaning bib can be such a thing?), with a wide range of funky patterns including elephants, hippos and cars, as well as bold solid colours. The Neoprene material felt very sturdy and it’s easy to slip on and off thanks to strong Velcro, as well as rolled up for a day out. For all of its pros, it stains easily and needs a cool hand wash – which is not ideal for busy parents.

The best baby bibs of 2021
The best baby bibs of 2021
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5. Green Sprouts Stay-Dry Infant Bibs

You’re going to go through a lot of bibs which equals a lot of laundry. To help soften the piles of laundry you have to do weekly, it’s best to have a bunch of bibs you can use at a moment’s notice without having to stress about throwing another load in the wash.

This 10-pack set from Green Sprouts gives you plenty of bibs to get you through your days at a budget price. The bibs are absorbent with a terry front but then have a waterproof backing so any liquids won’t seep through to their clothes. With an array of color choices, you’re sure to find one that matches their outfit of the day (or dare we say the hour).

This comes sized from 3 to 12 months but some reviewers say this runs small and is suited better for smaller infants for drooling, spit up, or first solids.

The best baby bibs of 2021
The best baby bibs of 2021

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6. Happy Healthy Parent Silicone Bibs

Another great option for when you’re feeding your baby solids is a silicone bib, because you can just wipe or rinse them clean after they’re done eating. This Amazon bestseller is made of 100 percent food grade silicone and will help cut down on your laundry, thus saving water because you won’t need to wash them like cloth bibs.

Available in four different colorways in sets of two, these brightly colored bibs will bring a smile to your face when you watch your baby chow down on food. They have a handy snap like closure in the back which provides four different sizes and is suitable for children ages 6 months to 6 years.

What makes these even better is when you are out to dinner or on the road you can just roll them up and stick them in your diaper bag until you can give them a good rinse. The food and liquids will stay contained and won’t make a mess. Plus, since they are silicone you’ll just need to bring one bib on your vacation since you can keep reusing this without the need for clean laundry or waiting for it to dry.

The best baby bibs of 2021
The best baby bibs of 2021
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7. 5 Waterproof Silicone Baby Bibs

Another great option when feeding your baby solid food is a silicone bib because you can simply wipe it off or rinse it off after it’s finished eating. This is one of the Amazon’s bestsellers, made of 100% food-grade silicone and will help you reduce your laundry’s water usage, which will save you water since you won’t need to wash them like cloth bibs.

Available in 5 different colours, pack of 5, these brightly coloured bibs will make you smile when you watch your baby eat at the table. They have a practical snap closure at the back which provides six different sizes and is suitable for children aged 3 months to 3 years.

What makes them even better is that when you’re at a restaurant or on the road, you can roll them up and put them in your diaper bag until you can rinse them well. Food and liquids will remain contained and will not do any damage. In addition, as it is silicone, you will only have to bring a bib during your vacation, because you can continue to reuse this product without the need for clean detergent or waiting for it to dry.

The best baby bibs of 2021
The best baby bibs of 2021

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8. Yafane Baby Bibs Waterproof Layer

This set of 10 Yafane baby bibs offers you many bibs to spend your days at an affordable price. The bibs are absorbent with a sponge front but have a waterproof layer so that liquids do not seep into their clothing. With a range of colour choices, you are sure to find one that matches their outfit of the day.

This size varies from 3 to 24 months, but some reviewers say it is a small size that is better suited for smaller babies who are drooling or spitting.

The best baby bibs of 2021
The best baby bibs of 2021

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9. OXO Tot Roll Up Bib

With soft fabric that goes around baby’s neck and chest (it secures with Velcro), and a durable, silicone pocket to trap crumbs and mess (the largest bib pocket we’ve found), this Oxo bib is both comfortable and practical. It’s also compact and convenient—the fabric part rolls up into the pocket and secures closed, so you can stash it in your diaper bag or kitchen drawer. It’s BPA free and machine washable, as well.

The best baby bibs of 2021
The best baby bibs of 2021

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10. Bibado coverall weaning bib

Bibado has a cult following among parents, and we can see why. The long-sleeved bib’s main selling point is the masses of extra fabric that hooks over the high chair to prevent any spills using Velcro straps – and we mean any spills. We tested during a breakfast, and all the Cheerios pooled in the fabric on our 11-month-old’s lap; and even during a messy dinner of spaghetti bolognese, clothes stayed dry and clean throughout.

The bib can be taken off and thrown straight into the washing machine. Tight cuffs mean nothing escapes up the arms, either. We liked that there were a handful of designs to choose from, including dinosaurs and the brand’s newest style, woodland animals, so every child can have a bib as unique as them.

The best baby bibs of 2021
The best baby bibs of 2021

How to Choose a Baby Bib in the UK – Buying Guide

The first thing to know is that you will need a variety of bibs for different jobs. Our guide will keep things simple and straightforward while giving you several examples.

Choose the Style of Bib to Match Your Baby’s Stage Development Stage

The first step is to pick the bibs you will need now that are right for your baby by considering where your baby is in terms of their development: depending on whether your baby is a newborn, teething, or weaning, there’s a different bib to do the job.

Newborn Bibs Should Be Absorbent and Simple

Newborn Bibs Should Be Absorbent and Simple

For a newborn baby, you will only need a bib when breast or bottle feeding. This doesn’t need to be anything too complicated; a simple absorbent cloth to catch drips, spit-up and burp mess will do the job.

If you use a bib, make sure it is well-fitting to catch spills in order to protect your newborn’s delicate skin. If not mopped up, liquids such as formula can collect in the folds of a baby’s neck and irritate their skin, which can give your baby an itchy rash.

burpy bib with a simple shape to go around your baby’s neck is a great option. Once feeding is finished, the bib can be draped easily over your shoulder for burping.

Dribble Bibs for Teething Babies

Waterproofs for Keeping Clean

Teething can start from as early as 2 months, although often teeth will not appear until the 6-month stage. The teething process will produce a lot of baby drool that parents will need to mop up!

Bandana and dribble bibs are smaller than a traditional bib and can stay on your baby to catch drips of drool whenever they occur. Again, choose absorbent, natural fabrics to soak up the dribble.

Look for special teething bibs with a silicone corner for your baby to chew on and provide relief when teething. Snap or button fastenings will provide a more secure bib to prevent your baby from pulling the bib off every five minutes.

Wipe-Down Bibs for Weaning and Self Feeding

Weaning from milk to soft foods usually happens from about 6 months. It’s a gradual process, but eventually, your baby will learn to feed herself without much help. As well as experiencing a world of new flavours, your baby gets to explore the lovely ways food can be squished, squashed and smeared – meaning more work for the bib!

The choices available for feeding babies include smock bibs with long sleeves or smaller, traditional bibs made from waterproof material. Many modern bibs have a helpful trough to catch foods that fall from baby’s hands and mouth.

When it comes to weaning and feeding, you may have to experiment a bit to find the right bib for baby. While smocks provide the most protection, some babies will do their best to yank them off instead of focusing on their food. A smaller bib may result in more food on baby’s clothes but they won’t be so distracted and spend more time eating up the food you’ve lovingly prepared.

Select the Right Material for the Job

It is a truth universally acknowledged that raising a baby can be a mucky job, so you’ll need a bib that is up to the task. Bibs are available in a variety of materials, so you should choose one based on the intended use as well as the age of your little one.

Natural Fabrics for Young Babies

For a newborn baby look for bibs made of natural fabrics, such as cotton, muslin, terry cloth, or flannel. These soft fabrics will be gentle on your baby’s delicate skin and are breathable so can be left on for a long time with no worry of rashes or discomfort.

Waterproofs for Keeping Clean

For weaning onwards choose bibs made from safe waterproof materials. Look for neoprene, silicone and polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA). These can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth and give excellent protection for clothes and floors. After use, they should get a deep clean in the dishwasher or with a hand wash in the sink.

While they look great, silicone bibs tend to be heavier than PEVA and you should probably avoid using them in the early weaning stages.

Also, because waterproof bibs stop liquids seeping through onto baby clothes, they are not a breathable fabric like cotton. A waterproof bib can trap a baby’s natural perspiration and become uncomfortable, especially on warm days. For this reason you should only use waterproof bibs when your baby is eating or drinking.

Different Clasps Are Good for Different Uses

Most bibs need a clasp to keep it attached to your baby’s neck. You’ll need to consider what type will work best for you, whether velcro, snaps (also called poppers), string or push buttons.

Try to find clasps that can be adjusted as your baby grows and that provide a firm hold whilst being easy for adults to remove, and difficult for babies to remove.

Velcro Clasps Are Perfect for Young Babies

Velcro can be attached and removed effortlessly, so is great for newborn babies when you need a bib that can be slipped on and taken off gently. Look for Velcro fastenings on the side of the neck so they can be peeled away without disturbing a drowsy baby that’s just finished a feed.

However, as babies grow and start to manipulate objects, they might also learn how to pull off these bibs and you may want to look for something firmer.

Ribbons Give a Traditional Appeal But Must Be Tied Securely

Traditionally, baby bibs were fastened with soft string or ribbon sewn to the back, and some modern bibs still use them. They are easy to tie up and can be adjusted to your growing baby.

However, ribbon bibs can present a choking hazard; make sure they are always tied securely so that they cannot be played with by the baby or another young child.

Stud Snap Fasteners and Silicone Buttons Are Adjustable and Secure

Studs (or poppers) provide a very firm bib clasp and usually come with 2 or 3 adjustable sizes. They are made of metal or plastic and are almost impossible for a baby to remove themselves.

However, this also means that studs can be difficult for mum and dad to take off when feeding is done, especially with a fidgety and upset baby. Studs are very secure, although the few adjustment options mean they can have a short lifetime before your baby is too big.

Button fasteners work on the same principle as suds (poppers). The soft silicone material provides a little more flexibility and room for adjustment, though they can be less secure than a popper fastening.

Other Features to Consider

There are a few more options to consider when picking out the correct bib for your baby. You might want to go for the extra absorbency a padded bib neck provides if your baby dribbles a lot. You’ll also want to consider something portable if you’re often on the go.

Padded Collars Protects the Neck from Drool Rash

More and more feeding bibs now come with a foam neck. This looks like a spongy collar that fits snugly and softly around the baby’s neck and provides an extra layer of protection catching drips from falling into neck folds.

Portable Bibs Are Perfect for Using While Out and About

Portable Bibs Are Perfect for Using While Out and About

As you start to go more places with your baby, you will want bibs that can be easily rolled up and stored in your bag, as well as ones which you’ll be able to easily wipe down before giving a proper clean when you get home.


So as you see, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You’ll need to select a range of bibs that are suitable for your baby’s various stages in life. You might need to experiment a little, get to understand your baby’s likes and dislikes and go for bibs that are the best fit for your individual baby.

On a final note, please remember to follow the bib’s cleaning instructions, and to never leave your baby unattended wearing one.



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