The Best bread machine in Uk 2021

Top 10 Best bread machine in Uk 2021

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread, but making your own loaves from home is hard work. There’s the kneading, proving, and not to mention the all-important bake.

Breadmakers are easy to use, take only a few minutes of preparation and can be left to create magical results, with no human intervention required and no additives.

Our testing proved you don’t need to spend all your dough to get a good loaf and more functions don’t necessarily equate to a better machine. The best bread machine in 2021 will deliver fuss-free homemade bread with the push of a button, and many come with bread maker recipes included for the perfect loaf, every time.

Many of the best bread makers will come from brands you already know, such as Panasonic, Russell Hobbs, Morphy Richards, and Lakeland. In our bread maker reviews we show a range of budgets, including bread makers for under £50, and high-end options with compartments for adding seeds and dried fruit at just the right moment.

Top 10 Best bread machine in Uk 2021

Here come our 10 best bread machine. Every product has specific features to serve multiple purposes. Find out which one pleases you most !

1. Morphy Richards Fastbake 48281

Morphy Richards Homebake is a mid-priced breadmaker. This is a good value breadmaker that makes an impressive white loaf. It’s easy to use and comes with plenty of recipes – you can also have a loaf in a super speedy 58 minutes using the fastbake setting!

With 12 programmes to choose from, it also comes with over 30 recipes that include a lot of different breads, doughs, jam and cake. The delay timer can be set for up to 13 hours, meaning you can set it up the night before and wake up to the smell of fresh bread and a lovely loaf for breakfast. Overall, we think this is a very good value versatile breadmaker that’s also easy to use.

The Best bread machine in Uk 2021
The Best bread machine in Uk 2021

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2. Panasonic SD-ZX2522KXC

The first thing that we are going to talk about here is the design of the Panasonic SD-ZX2522KXC Bread Maker. What we really liked about it is that it looks incredibly stylish. It is all black and not too bulky. In fact, it is quite compact in comparison to a lot of the other bread makers in this price range.

The menu buttons are all very easily accessible and nothing about the design is over complicated, with lot of different programs including ones that allow you to make jams and compotes. We tested out all of the actual baking programs and were very pleased to get consistently good bakes with each and every one. The only thing that we didn’t really like about the design is that there is no viewing window with this bread maker. This is a shame because it’s good to have one so that you can monitor the baking process of your loaf. Although it one of the most expensive bread maker in the panasonic range, it still worth the extra money given the amount of programs and features that you get.

The Best bread machine in Uk 2021
The Best bread machine in Uk 2021

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Like the name suggests, this is a bread machine which has everything you need in one machine!

This is a professional bread machine with plenty of useful and interesting features. It was created from durable stainless steel, which offers a sleek appearance. But besides this, the non-stick ceramic pan assures you will enjoy the healthiest loaf of bread. It is dishwasher-safe, allowing you to clean it in little to no time.

MOOSOO bread makers come with different automatic programs, less noise, and a reliable digital touch display. And the best part about those is that anyone can become a master baker with a little attention to details. You can fit it in any kitchen since it is lightweight, compact, and durable.

The Best bread machine in Uk 2021
The Best bread machine in Uk 2021

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4. Swan SB22110N 550W Digital

Bake your own homemade bread for the whole family to enjoy, easily made with Swan’s 550W Bread Maker, you can have a delicious warm loaf at home tasting like it’s straight from the bakery.

The 12 functions also allow you to bake other tasty treats, providing you with versatility to make your own pizza dough, brioche buns, and even cakes. Catering to many tastes and dietary requirements thanks to the variable crust settings (light, medium, and dark) and it can also make a delicious gluten-free loaf at the press of a button.

The automatic LCD display makes controlling this appliance super-easy and the lids viewing window will help you get perfect results. Choose from either a 1.5 or 2lb loaf and bake to your exact preference, add seeds, nuts, chocolate, or raisins, whatever you fancy.

For those times when you’re extra hungry, the fast bake option will come to the rescue, allowing you to make bread in under an hour. On the other hand, you can use the delay-timer to slowly bake your bread over 13 hours, perfect when you want to wake up in the morning to freshly made bread. Once it’s ready, the keep warm function will have your bread tasting likes it’s just left the oven, for up to one hour.

The Best bread machine in Uk 2021
The Best bread machine in Uk 2021

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5. Gastroback 62823

The Gastroback is a straightforward, functional machine. It produced excellent crusty, white bread with a good colouring and tight crumb (as long as you can calculate the measures and follow the recipe meticulously).

Annoyingly, the paddle stuck in the loaf and took some digging to get it out, leaving a bit of a hole in the bottom of the bread.

The price of the machine is a little higher than most, but it does offer a wide range of functions. It is well made, we predict it could last for many years with careful use. The possibility of the ice cream and other interesting functions make it well worth considering.

The Best bread machine in Uk 2021
The Best bread machine in Uk 2021

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6. Lakeland Digital Breadmaker

For an easy to use, good all-rounder breadmaker, you can’t go wrong with this one from Lakeland, with an impressive 12 pre-programmed recipes for bread, pizza dough, gluten-free and cake in a range of sizes and crust colours.

There’s a generous viewing window to keep an eye on how a bake is progressing plus a control panel with a clear LED screen and simple, straightforward touch buttons. And, the bread it makes is delicious. If you using the timer programme at night, the loud beeps it emits may be disturbing and Initial set-up when you just buy are a bit annoying though. However, for the price, quality and number of programmes, this is a super machine.

The Best bread machine in Uk 2021
The Best bread machine in Uk 2021

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7. Kenwood BM350

The BM350 breadmaker from Kenwood is a step up from the BM256 breadmaker. It features a convection heating system and additional preset programs. For just a small increase in price you get a much more efficient unit.

This BM350 breadmaker uses convection heating system which augment a traditional breadmaker by circulating heated air using a fan. By moving fast hot air past the food, convection breadmakers can operate at a lower temperature than a standard breadmaker and yet cook food more quickly. The air circulation, or convection, tends to eliminate “hot spots” and thus bread may bake more evenly.

The Best bread machine in Uk 2021
The Best bread machine in Uk 2021

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8. Salter EK4189

With a capacity to knead and bake up to 2 kg of ingredients, the machine is super affordable. It offers 15 operating programs to prepare gluten-free recipes and very varied loaf that can be ready to eat in an average of 3 hours.
Although it does not have a nuts dispenser. The cookbook offers a lot of alternatives to put everything that will take the preparation at the same moment and forget the matter until the timer tells us that the food is ready.
The control screen allows programming, which includes kneading, raising and baking at night, for a delicious breakfast with warm, fluffy and soft bread. Teflon cup-type baking pan prevents food from sticking or burning and cleans easily. It has accessories to dose and measure the ingredients with precision to achieve great results.

The Best bread machine in Uk 2021
The Best bread machine in Uk 2021

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9. Unold 8695

Fantastic Looks and Range With a Ceramic-Coated Kneading Blade. Aside from its looks, the best thing about this modern, curvaceous bread maker is its baking pan and kneading blade feature a smooth ceramic coating, allowing optimum kneading without overheating the dough. So you’ll be a step closer to professional bread!

Additionally, the automatic keep-warm function allows you to rock up late for the bread-tasting and still enjoy toasty hot slices. And finally, this family-sized machine also comes with a recipe book full of simple ideas for bread baking to get you inspired.

The Best bread machine in Uk 2021
The Best bread machine in Uk 2021

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10. Tower T11005 Digital

The rectangular, shiny, stainless-steel Tower breadmaker is a professional-looking machine. It has a sturdy handle and a good-sized viewing window to watch over the progress of your next loaf.

At just over 6kg, it isn’t the lightest machine, but the simple shape makes it easy to move around. We liked the straightforward, uncomplicated touch panel on the lid, boasting 19 pre-programmed recipes with a variety of bread doughs (including gluten-free and sourdough), cakes, jam and yogurt. There’s a reassuring memory recall, so if the power is lost, the machine will pick up where it left off.

The Best bread machine in Uk 2021
The Best bread machine in Uk 2021

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How to Choose the Best bread machine to Buy

To choose a bread maker, you must consider several factors of interest. First, choose the one that is more economical if you have the certainty that you will not give much use. This will save you money, it will let you know the operation of these machines and determine if you like them or not.

If it turns out you do not like them, you will not have spent a lot of money and if you finally end up liking you will know the characteristics of these machines and, later on, if your budget allows you, you could opt for a more expensive and a little more specialized with the functions that you want.

Secondly, you should avoid those bread makers that have no guarantee that covers, at least, one year. They are not reliable, because neither the same manufacturer trusts the longevity of their machines.

Third, do not get carried away by the extras when choosing a bread maker. Remember, the only features that a bread maker should have is a white bread or basic cycle function, a manual or dough cycle and a timer. Other elements incorporated into the machine are just an extra.

As well as these, there are a number of factors that are important to consider; We consider that the following are the most interesting when buying the best bread maker in the market.

When we talk about quality, we do not only mean that the products are functional. Also, they are well made or they are made with good materials. Even the best brands, with very good quality control, can produce at least one machine that is not as good as the others. So here it would be convenient to ask what are the guarantees that are behind that product.

When buying useful and indispensable kitchen equipment such as stand mixer, air fryer or bread maker is essential that you take into account the customer service. Which will undoubtedly save you time and money if a problem arises in the operation of your machine or if it just comes out defective.

The best value a product can have is probably having the company behind it, which believes that its machine is strong enough to last at least one or two years. On average, you can expect your machine to last 3 years. That at a rate of three loaves a week during that time. Some machines go much longer and set a useful life that is around five years, but three of average is a good guarantee of quality.

Nowadays, manufacturers are bringing to the market models equipped with windows and not domes. In the reviews of its most common users, bread makers with windows are more comfortable and practical.

There are a few machines with domes, but they are usually old and it is unlikely that you can buy them again. The problem with them is that glass allows a large amount of heat loss. This can cause the loaf to not be baked or browned on top.

Although bread makers with windows are preferable, it is necessary to recognize that this feature is not very useful in some points. Most of the time you should use a torch to see inside. It is easier to open the lid and look, this also gives you the opportunity to feel the dough to make sure it is the correct consistency. It is not advisable to open the lid during the cooking cycle.

In this case, it is important that you take into account the ease or difficulty with which your bread maker works with certain products. Some find it more difficult to handle 100% whole grain bread because these grains make it heavier than refined flour.

If you expect to bake mostly with whole grains, then look for a bread maker with more power for easier handling of the heavier whole grain flour, which, moreover, is more healthy.

Most bread makers that are new to the market can handle heavy paste effortlessly. However, it is a good idea to always listen to your machine when kneading the heavier grain flour. If it sounds as if you made an effort then it is necessary to add a little more liquid so as not to force it so much.

Now, if the machine you choose has a cycle of whole grain or whole wheat, you should not have problems with the heavier mass. The double pallet machines, very common nowadays, also make a job easier and with good weather with the whole grain mass, these bread makers also tend to do a better work of kneading to boot.

Trays come in many different sizes and shapes. The machines produce oblong, round, rectangular and square loaves. If you want to make it for primary use, let’s say sandwiches, the shape of the tray will make the difference.

Make sure that the machine you choose produces the right shape for your culinary needs. Currently, in the market, you can find pans or bread trays horizontally and vertically, although the latter is getting a little harder to find.

Another thing to consider is what the saucepan is made of. All pans are made of aluminium with a non-stick coating. However, some are made of thick cast aluminium, which will make the crust thicker and darker, while some are made of thin aluminium, which tends to make a lighter and thinner crust.

The machines to make bread have different types of a timer, which work according to the criteria of the engineers designated by the manufacturer to make the machine. Make sure the timer is easy to use. Try different models and brands in the store.

Avoid any timer that is confusing, most machines require you to count the number of hours between the time you set on the machine and the time you want the loaf to be made. Therefore, if you are setting up the machine at 9 o’clock at night and you want bread made at 8 o’clock in the morning, then you must set the timer for 11 hours.

Some of the machines allow you to set the timer as a regular digital alarm clock. Others light up at the indicated time and the loaf is prepared without problems.

In theory, the only cycles that a bread maker needs to fulfil its function are two: a basic or white bread cycle, and a manual or dough cycle.

All bread and dough products can be made using only these two cycles. However, the extra cycles on some machines allow you to create some varieties.

These cycles are convenient for special uses, and, for you to make a better acquisition, you need to consider what types of loaves you will make when you select the machine you want to buy. For example, if your family prefers sweet bread, you may want to choose a bread maker with this option; this also applies to whole wheat loaf, French bread, among other varieties.

Once you know what you want to bake, you can choose the machine with the cycles that work best for you.

Size of baking pan
In theory, a 1 pound loaf will make 8 slices, a 1.5 pound will make 12 slices, a 2 pound will make 16 slices, and a 2.5 pound will make 20 slices.

However, this is not always the case. Some manufacturers label their machines as 2 or 2.5 pounds, but the size of the pan is the same as that of a 1.5-pound bread maker. Because of this, you may not get the expected number of slices.

The other thing you should keep in mind is that horizontal machines, with double-kneading paddles, do not do a good job with 1-pound recipes. There simply is not enough mass to work well. If the 1-pound recipes are what you want, then you’d better decide on a vertical 1.5-pound machine.

Energy Saver

The energy saver is a memory device that keeps your loaf in case of power failures, such as an unnoticed pull of a plug or a temporary loss of power. The energy-saving in some bread makers gives you only 10 seconds to restore the passage of electricity, in others it gives you up to 10 minutes.

If the energy is restored within the established time, the cycle will continue where you left off. If the energy goes out during the baking process, it is advisable to discard the loaf and start over.

Due to its characteristics and the great advantages provided by a function of this nature, it would not be otherwise if you included it as one of the functions that the bread maker that you are going to buy should have.

Crust control
This function allows you to control the brown of the crust. It is important to be careful with some bread makers since the lighter setting of this function can result in a loaf that is rubbery at the top, especially if it is a sweet one.

Control of the crust is a nice feature to have. Generally, the bread makers are elaborated to obtain three configurations of crust: clear, medium and dark. Some machines have a sandwich setting that makes loaves with a lighter tone than lighter crusts.

There are machines with a price range that goes from 50 pounds to more than 200 pounds. But paying more does not always translate into a better bread maker. It all depends on its functionality, the quality of its materials, the use you give it, and even the quality of the ingredients you use to prepare your loaf.

The advantage is that when looking for a competitive bread maker there is a variety of prices and you can decide on the one that best suits you and that also has those functions that make it your favourite.


If you’re looking for a cost-effective or quality bread machine, we’ve pulled together a list of best bread machine, so your money can be used buy the right bread maker that won’t destroy your funds.
Keep in mind that a bread maker could be considered, in principle, as an expense. But if you get the right device, that meets your expectations and corresponds to your economic possibilities then you can already calculate the money you will save, at least in two years, from not buying a loaf from the bakery. Finally, it’s not an expense It’s an investment! But to buy one you must be very clear about your motivations and priorities.

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